5m 10 different colors monochrome neon strips

Item No.: YL08
Coolmax neon flexible strip light, 5M/16FT, 12V DC, flexible waterproof and heat resistant, soft light, indoor and outdoor decoration, suitable for bedroom, garden, bar, party, birthday, wedding, Christmas decoration, and other uses.
Color: cool white, warm white, red, pink, ice blue, pure yellow, blue, green, purple, orange
Configuration: no adapter, adapter + remote control, adapter model

Monochrome neon strip specifications:
Input voltage: DC12V
Waterproof: PVC IP65
Beam angle: 180°
Power factor: 12
Number of LED lights: 120 LED units/meter
LED strip light type: 2835
Tube size: 12mm x 6mm
Cutting unit length: approx. 2.5 cm
Cable length: 5m/16.4ft
Wire diameter: 0.09 in./2.3 mm

This neon strip adopts a 12V low-voltage silicone tube and high-quality 2835 chip, upgraded LED design and side illumination make the neon strip brighter, and the 180-degree projection range provides greater lighting coverage. Our shop offers 10 colors, so please choose the color you like. You can cut every 2.5 cm to fit the desired length. 360-degree flexibility to adapt to any angle. Can design special patterns or unique commercial logos, IP65 waterproof, light-resistant, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use all year round. Neon is widely used. It not only decorates your home but also serves as a gift for family, loved ones, friends, children, etc.

Note: The LED strip light must be used between 12V, and the strip light must be properly connected according to the instructions in the manual.