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Smart Terminal Series
1.Do I have to update the phone or tablet to the latest version?Update is usually meant to optimize the system's compatibility and stability for the new released phone. It can optimize the existing problems or system bugs. Some updates will add new features or adjust the current design to optimize the operating experience.
But for the very new system, some old devices are not compatible with it, which might make the devices lose some functions, so we suggest that please consult the technician before your updating.
2.How to avoid my phone overheat? There are some tips that may help avoid your phone overheat:
*Don`t play your phone in extreme performance for a long time, such as playing games;
*Close apps running in the background more often;
*Turn off Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth, GPS and other connectivity when you don`t need them;
*Don`t play your phone when it is being charged;
*Turn off Autostart switches of the apps you infrequently used;
*Turn off High background power consumption of apps infrequently used;
*Download apps and games from Play Store or V-Appstore;
*To prevent your phone from heating up, you may place your phone in a well-ventilated location while charging, such as on a desk.
Charging your phone in poorly-ventilated locations (such as on a bed) may prevent heat from dissipating;

*Avoid exposing your phone to the sun when the temperature is high around you.