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Q&A about becoming a supplier

Q1: What are the benefits of becoming a supplier to your company?
A1: Compared with most domestic foreign trade companies, our company has a better market-based foundation. There is a local sales team in Mexico that better meets the needs of the American market.
There are also opportunities to set up offices in countries such as Pakistan. Implement a direct policy of directly entering the local market, focusing on cultivating and serving large customers in the local market, and guaranteeing the order quantity given to suppliers.

Q2: How to become a supplier of your company?
A2: To be our supplier, we need to provide the following information:
(1) Detailed parameters of the product, box size and introduction materials.
(2) Rendering or physical map of the multi-angle blank background of the product.
(3) The MOQ of the product.
(4) The basic delivery date of the product at MOQ.
(5) The quotation of the product.
(4) Prepare certificates for the products
(5) Detailed policy description of your after-sales service.
(6) Basic information and service content of your company.
(7) The exclusive power of attorney for the market.

Q3: How to ensure that our products will enter the product sales range by your company?
A3: Our company will arrange specific personnel to communicate with the relevant responsible person of your company, understand the product characteristics of your company, and summarize the informations according to the basic requirements of our company. According to the situation, give us the relevant sales team.
The relevant sales team is responsible for conducting market research and formulating corresponding sales policies and product promotion directions. Your company can know how the process is through the person in charge of comunicating with your company.
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