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Dosyu Technology CO., LTD. (Dosyu) provides the product and its components warranty against any manufacturing and operation defects during normal and domestic use of this product, effective on the date of delivery to the primary clients (DISTRIBUTOR) according to the purchase invoice or purchase contract.
The warranty covers only the devices whose model, IMEI / MEID and serial number that are registered in the above document, and is valid only in the country where the product is purchased.

Main products of smart home series, smart broadband series, smart terminal series, sport and health series and IOT series 12 months
Battery, headphones and other accessories (sold together with the main products, in the same package only) 6 months
accessories (sold separately in individual package) 3 months


The warranty will NOT be valid in the following cases:
A. Due to the expiration of warranty period.
B. When the product presents damages caused by improper use or contrary to the indications contained in the User Manual.
C. When the product presents damages caused by voltage fluctuations.
D. When there is evidence that the internal parts or software of the product have been manipulated by personnel or service centers not authorized by Dosyu, or have undergone modifications without authorization by Dosyu.
E. When the product had been used under conditions other than those indicated in the User Manual.
F. When the product, including accessories and battery, presents evidence of having been exposed to filtration of liquid substances; humidity or high temperatures.
G. For the use of parts, accessories, batteries and / or chargers of general type or of other brands or characteristics other than the specifications contained in the User Manual.
H. When the product is used in networks other than those for which the product was originally manufactured.
I.  When any of its parts or accessories had been used in a product other than that indicated in the warranty.
J.  When the product does not have the label with the serial number of the product or when they are illegible.
K. If the serial / IMEI / MEID number has been altered, removed or deleted.
L. When devices are updated to the new system but not compatible with it.


A. In order to make the warranty service effective, it is necessary to present the original proof of purchase (invoice or contract) together with the product; otherwise, the warranty period will be calculated through the record of Dosyu system.
B. If the product is within warranty period, Dosyu undertakes to repair and / or replace defective parts and components of the same model, at no charge to the owner. If, in the opinion of Dosyu, the repair is not possible, it will be exchanged for another device of the same or similar Dosyu brand model (in case the model is not on the market anymore, Dosyu will replace the Product with one of similar features and / or superior model).
C. The product or the replaced parts will become property of Dosyu.
D. The repair time will be informed in each particular case.
E. Consequently, the transportation costs of the product that are derived for the fulfillment of this warranty within the service network, will be covered by Dosyu.
F. Dosyu products operate through a cellular system of a service operator independent of Dosyu, consequently, Dosyu is not responsible for the quality, availability and coverage offered by the Operator.
G. This warranty represents Dosyu's total responsibility. Each country will be governed by its local laws.