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Q&A for become a wholesaler of Dosyu

Q1: What are the benefits of becoming a wholesaler to your company?
A1: As a brand distributor of our company, the benefits are as follows:
1. We will support for the price of the corresponding level.
2. Have our own brand which we will have promotions, it will reduce the promotion cost of your company.
3. There is market protection to ensure the interests of your company in a single regional market.

Q2: How to become a wholesaler of our company?
A2: For different markets, we have relative requirements for wholesaler, and you need to provide corresponding informations for our evaluations in advance:
1. The approximate scope of the distribution market area in your company requirement.
2. Our products and details in your company requirement.
3. The amount of annual orders your company can promise.
Based on the above information, our company will evaluate your company's level as a dealer and give corresponding support.

Q3: How to ensure the protection of our company as a wholesaler ?
A3: Protect the interests of the wholesalers in order to achieve a win-win situation. As a goal, our company will do its utmost to protect the interests and rights of the wholesalers.
1. Our company will sign a distribution agreement with your company. Clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties.
2. Strictly implement the contents of the agreement to ensure the interests of both parties.
3. Accept the supervisor's supervision report and fully respect the dealer's rights. According to the supervisor's supervision report, send special personnel with dealers to investigate the market.
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