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We inform you that Dosyu Technology S.A. of
CV (hereinafter "Dosyu") with address atAv Arcos de Belén 23 Floor 16, Int 1606, Colonia Centro, Cuauhtémoc City Hall Center, 06000 Mexico City, CDMX, is responsible for the processing of your personal data


Your personal data that we collect through electronic, physical or telephone means, verbally and/or in writing, will be used for the following purposes, which are necessary for the employment relationship: (i) Identify and keep a record of the employees who work in any of the offices that Dosyu has in the country and, consequently, comply with the obligations that, in accordance with the applicable laws, correspond to its employees; (ii) To present the financial proposal to you; (iii) Keep track of the number of employees per branch and their characteristics, depending on their category and the work they perform; (iv) the creation of an employee profile for the administration of their work stay in Dosyu; (v) To perform medical check ups;
(vi) For the administration of physical access to Dosyu; (vii) For the administration of payroll services including, without limitation, salary movements, payment of overtime and other benefits; (viii) Registration of insurance for you and/or your relatives, life, major medical expenses and others that Dosyu considers necessary, as well as for the registration of voluntary insurance that you request in accordance with the agreements signed by Dosyu with the different insurers; (ix) For the designation of life insurance beneficiaries; (x) Management and/or operation of savings accounts, retirement funds including designation of beneficiaries and cards for food vouchers; (xi) accident prevention programs, nutrition, psychological help, medical exams; (xii) training; (xiii) the creation and implementation of processes and procedures, as well as analytical and statistical processes; (xiv) the evaluation, design, granting, administration, collection and procurement of payroll loans and other benefits in cash and in kind, educational support, scholarships, as well as recreational, cultural and sports activities; (xv) at the end of the employment relationship, to carry out all the necessary dismissal procedures;
(xvi) give employment references of you in terms of the applicable legislation; (xvii) in short, to carry out all the activities necessary for the administration and management of your job and other employment benefits.


Additionally, we will use your personal information for the following purpose that is not necessary for the employment relationship, but that allows and facilitates us to provide you with better service:
·For the improvement and promotion of the work environment and climate, such as the dissemination of congratulations and other celebrations and special days;
·Your personal image either in photo or video, which may be used for the preparation of informative and promotional material.
In case you do not want your personal data to be processed for this additional purpose, from this moment you can notify us of the above, or in your case you have a period of 5 (five) business days to express your refusal for the treatment or use of your personal data for the aforementioned secondary purpose through the mechanism indicated in section 5 of this Privacy Notice.
The refusal to use your personal data for this secondary purpose may not be a reason for us to deny you the employment relationship you request or contract with us.


To achieve the purposes indicated above, the following personal data will be processed: name, address, federal taxpayer registry, telephone, email, fax number, official identification, copy of proof of address, nationality, copy of immigration document, unique password of population registration, letters of recommendation.
Likewise, we inform you that if necessary due to the nature of the job and to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, the following sensitive personal data that require special protection will be processed: (i) state of health and origin ethnic.


Additionally, we will process the following personal financial data: bank account number, name of the bank where your account is located, branch, interbank password, ABA number or SWIFT number, city and country where your bank account is located; as well as tax information, committing ourselves to the fact that the treatment will be absolutely essential for the aforementioned purposes and to treat them under the appropriate security measures to protect confidentiality.


To limit the use or disclosure of your personal data You may write a free letter to the Privacy Officer in which you precisely indicate the limitations of use and disclosure that you wish to implement, the name of the owner, if applicable, the name of the legal representative , the means of contact chosen to communicate the resolution (email, or certified or in person at Dosyu's address, the company to which the letter is addressed and the type of legal relationship it maintains with the company (employee), said letter may be delivered personally to Dosyu's address, or by email to the following address:, and will be subject to the same procedure and terms detailed in the second, third and fourth paragraphs of the following section.


You may exercise the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and/or Opposition, (collectively referred to as ARCO Rights), as well as the revocation of your consent, for this purpose you must present it at the Dosyu address, or by email to the following address: ; your request in the formats available on the website, in which you must indicate the name of the owner, if applicable, the name of the legal representative, the chosen means of contact to communicate the resolution, the company to which the letter is addressed, the type of right to exercise with a detailed description of it and the type of legal relationship that it maintains with the company (employee). Likewise, it must accompany and present the original documents for comparison of the official identification of the holder, where appropriate, power of attorney with which the representation is accredited, identification of the legal representative and the documents with which the rectification of data is accredited.
Once your request has been submitted, the Privacy Officer will issue a resolution within 20 business days, which will be notified to you by the means of contact indicated.
Once the resolution is issued and if it is qualified as appropriate (partially or totally), the Privacy Officer will adopt the resolution within a term of 15 business days.
The terms indicated in the preceding paragraphs may be extended only once for equal periods, if necessary, a situation that will be notified by the means of contact indicated.
The exercise of the ARCO Rights will be free, however if you reiterate your request in a period of less than twelve months, the costs will be three days of the General Minimum Wage in force in Mexico City, plus the Value Added Tax, unless that there are substantial modifications to the Privacy Notice that motivate new Requests for the Exercise of ARCO Rights. The justified shipping costs and/or the cost of reproduction in copies or other formats will be borne by the owner.


We inform you that your data may be transferred to the third parties indicated inside and outside the country in the following cases: (i) in order to store your personal data, they may be transferred to third parties other than Dosyu, who will have the quality of managers in terms of law;
(ii) for communication purposes, your data may be transferred to companies that are members of the Group who have the same processes and internal policies regarding data protection; and (iii) for the purposes of complying with the tax laws applicable to Tax Authorities, External Auditors and Electronic Invoicing Providers.
The transfers made will always be made in a manner consistent with the purpose of data processing and the legal nature of the relationship between you and Dosyu.


Dosyu reserves the right to make changes or updates to this privacy notice at any time, on the understanding that any changes to it will be made known to you through visible announcements in our branches, in our billing portal and in our website. Internet page.
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.