DOSYU RGBW LED Strip Control Adapter, WiFi LED Controller, IR Remote Control Dimmable 4 Pin LED Strip Light 5050 3528 2835 LED Light

Item No.: Controlador
DOSYU RGBW Led Strip Wifi Remote Controller Alexa, Google Home, Tuya Compatible, IR Remote Control Dimmable 4Pin for Led Strip 5050 3528 2835 Led Lights.
✔LED WIFI & IR Controller: This controller will connect your light strip to WiFi. You can control your led strip from anywhere with your device. It is compatible with iPhone, Android device and IR remote control.

✔ Voice control: Compatible with Tuya, Alexa and Google Assistant devices. Simply turn the led lights on and off and change brightness and color with voice commands to illuminate a variety of activities.

✔ Multiple Color Effects: You can also change the lights of your phone's music, customize the mode according to the frequency of stillness, flow, strobe, jump, breathing, etc.

✔ Group Manager: You can add multiple controllers in your home to control each light strip individually, or you can assign multiple light strips to one controller.

✔ Easy to set up: Just connect the controller to the led strip via the 4-pin connector, then connect it to the power supply. (NOTE: REMOTE CONTROL AND ADAPTER ARE NOT INCLUDED).

Connection steps
1. Scan the product QR code to download the application and register an account
2. Connect the controller and the LED strip light and turn on the power
3. Open the smart life APP on the mobile phone, click Add Device (reset the device switch 3 times, on-off-on, enter the fast flashing state to set the network.) Complete the network setting operation within three minutes) Select the lighting - light strip - Confirm that the indicator flashes quickly (replace the power supply 5 times in the fast flashing state, on-off-on-------- on-on-on to enter the slow flashing state to set the network) - Enter WiFi password - Confirm - Connection added successfully - Click Finish to complete the product matching
4. Enter the main interface of the APP (color light, scene, music, synchronization)